Garden design ideas,
ideeen uit andere wereld delen

Het WWW laat veel garden design ideas zien op websites uit andere landen met veel verschillende stijlen en ideeen. De tuinen van de wereld noem ik ze hier. Voor garden pond ideas (tuinvijver ideeen) en watergarden (watertuin) koi en nog veel meer. Beslist de moeite waard om te bezoeken, plaatjes te kijken en te lezen. 

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Garden pond ideas

Building Your Own Waterfall Pond! -Are you dreaming of creating a stunning, low maintenance, waterfall pond which would provide years of enjoyment and pleasure? Discover the best expert advice on pond and waterfall design, construction, plants, winter care and much more --> 

Building koi fish pond will add value to your home and gladness to
 your heart. Koi or goldfish pond keeping is a relaxing, exciting hobby. But if youre going to build a fishpond (doesn't have to be a koi pond)... Do it properly the first time and learn as much as you can from trusted sources. --> 

Garden design ideas

Easy Shade Gardening provides a comprehensive guide to planning, designing, and creating a shade garden. Including information and advice on; choosing plants, flower shade gardening, plants, perennial flowers, vines, ferns, hosta plants, shrubs and bushes, trees, native plants, ground cover, bulbs, composting, soil, peat moss, mulch, fertilizer, organic gardening, landscaping, water features, and garden tools and supplies--> 

So you're ready to start a garden. But where do you begin? It's a project that requires some planning. What type of garden do you want? There are so many to choose from – flower garden, vegetable garden, herb garden. And what types of plants do you want in your garden –plants to attract butterflies or birds, edible plants, or flowering plants by color or scent? With a little planning, you can have the garden you desire and enjoy. --> 

Looking for tips on growing a successful vegetable garden -even for beginners. It's easy, fun and rewarding. Our tips are informative and will help the first time gardener grow a healthy crop of tasty vegetables. --> 

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